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For 4 to 7 year olds

Looking for something different for your child's next birthday party?
Why not let us bring the fun, variety and excitement of Diddy Rugby sessions to the day?

We'll handle everything ...

We will bring all our equipment with us - rugby balls, bibs, cones, markers, tees, obstacles and even mini rugby posts!
The birthday boy or girl will get a special presentation and prize, and smaller prizes will be available for other children during the activities.

Suitable for all types!

We understand that there may be a wider range of abilities and rugby experience at your party - so we design the activities accordingly.
You can rely on us to get all of the children involved, running around and having great fun - no matter how used to this kind of activity they may be.

2 coaches for 90 minutes

For a fixed charge of £80, we'll bring 2 experienced, qualified rugby coaches to lead activities for up to 24 children for up to 90 mins.
This would normally be 60 minutes of higher intensity rugby-themed games and 30 minutes of lower intensity technical challenges and fun.

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